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  • Sep, 14 2019
    Anthony Le
    I have been through many educational journeys in my entire life (from college, to Master, and to the Doctoral level) and yet there is no tough educational journey like the one I take at the Online Trading Academy here in Atlanta. I have to learn new things from the beginning. Though it is extremely tough and challenging, the front office staff (Ashton, AJ, and Lea), the Instructors (Taylor for Core Strategy, Clifton for Forex and Platform Immersion, Michelle for Futures, and Paul for Options), the Student Support staff (Ros, John, and so forth), the Director (Adam) and the Senior Coach (Steve) here at the Academy are very kind, patient, understanding, and supportive. They literally hold my hands and show me all the things that I do not know about the financial market. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to take their precious times to convey what they knew and gained for years to their students. This would give you tons of comfort to know whom you would lean to. Unlike other educational environments where you are on your own from start to the end, you will get all the support that you need in this wonderful and supportive environment. Of course, to achieve what you set out to achieve is totally up to you. Only you can decide who you do want to become in the long run. To be successful, you have to put your own ego and all the doubts aside and come in with open mind and humble, then you will be able to learn and excel. I was not great in the class all the times compared to others, but when it counted, I was able to learn and things started to click. As the result, I came in second in the live trading contest! Though it meant nothing, it was certainly a small mental boost for a know-nothing "soon-to-become" trader! This unique educational environment is second to none in everything that the Academy does! I thank God for everything the Academy has done and supported me this far! Dr. Tony L
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